Dear Sportsmen,

At the end of a very long, very rough road you will find an oasis known as the Darwin Ranch--from here the hunting is nothing short of magic. It’s the kind of country that excites your soul and reminds you of a time when life was far more simple.  After many years of hunting with passion I am still finding new places to explore. The hunting is not always easy, but it's always good. The country is truly wild, and you never know what you might find.

To be able to ride out the back gate of a comfortable ranch into country that is as unpopulated as this is extremely unique. The Darwin was made for hunting! It is a 160-acre island inside a vast area of public land. Generations of sportsman have returned to these mountains for decades. Rustic log cabins with hot showers and on old elegant lodge are the headquarters for the hunts. Every morning hunters gather in the dining room for breakfast next to a roaring wood stove to plan the days ride into the Gros Ventre Wilderness. At days end, hunters gather around the fireplace to share stories, drinks, and plans for the next days hunt--eagerly awaiting the exquisite meal to come. 

We specialize in Elk and Deer hunts, but there are healthy populations of Moose and Big Horn sheep.  The ranch comfortably holds up to six hunters a week and we typically have two hunters per guide. No hunt is complete without catching a few of the native Cutthroat trout!

Apart from our extremely good food, we take pride in a safe and sturdy horse herd, professional guides, and good facilities to care for your meat. As the outfitter of record I am very proud to be able to offer these hunts. Join us for an adventure you will never forget!


Peter Linn