ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not included in our cabin rates, nor are we licensed to sell them. Please bring along whatever quantities you would like for the week.  (In cans if possible, better for local recycling.)  There are excellent purveyors of wine and spirits in Jackson Hole.  Pinedale has a good selection of spirits, and it is also the home of the Wind River Brewing Co.  Please inquire for guidance.  


  • Layered clothing, as the weather is quite variable, including warm layers. Nighttime temperatures are often below freezing, and mornings can be brisk.

  • A hat, long sleeves, sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • Light rain gear; we have long slickers for riding.

  • Cowboy boots are typically preferred for riding, though not necessary. Slippers are nice for the Lodge and your cabin.

  • Activity-appropriate gear as needed: jeans, a riding helmet for proper fit (we have a few on hand if you’d prefer not to pack one), binoculars, hiking boots, fishing gear and flies (see fishing page).

  • Fishing licenses are required for all fishing on public and private lands, and must be purchased prior to your arrival at the Darwin Ranch.

  • Medications.  We have a well stocked First Aid cupboard and a very well-trained staff.  

  • A Headlamp is a good idea; there are portable solar lanterns in each cabin.

  • We provide bear spray and bug spray. Cabin amenities include soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.