As a Darwin Ranch guest looking for an adventure, or as an outside party, our permanent camp at Upper Falls is perfect for groups hoping to immerse themselves in the beauty and solitude of the Gros Ventre Wilderness, without the nuisance of lugging gear and supplies.  Set in the forest at the edge of a large meadow with a beautiful waterfall at one end, the camp sleeps four.  A cook can meet you to take care of the camp and prepare your meals. Large tents with cots and foam mattresses, and a cook tent with chairs and a dining table, help make these wilderness accommodations quite comfortable. 

For those starting from the ranch, the hike to Upper Falls takes about two and a half hours at a moderate pace. The trail is easy to follow and mostly flat, with a total elevation gain of only 400 feet.  Your personal gear will be packed in by our mule Thelma, along with all of your meals and other supplies.  Due to limited pasture, we do not provide riding horses at the Upper Camp.

For hikers coming from Jackson Hole, a scenic alternative that minimizes highway travel is to take the dirt road up the Gros Ventre River east of Kelly.  The drive to the Cow Creek Trailhead is usually about an hour and a half from the Jackson Town Square, followed by a hike of about four hours.  The walking distance is approximately 8 miles, including a 1,800 foot climb to a pass at 9,400 feet before dropping down to Upper Falls.  Make sure you have our detailed driving and hiking instructions before setting out.  

If you are a Darwin guest the Upper Falls Camp is available as a 2- or 3-night add-on before or after your stay. Please inquire for a quote. Prices are in keeping with Elk cabin rates: $635/night double occupancy.