There is a guided ride – from a couple of hours to all-day – going somewhere in the surrounding mountains every day except Saturday.  For beginners we have a number of extremely placid, easy-going horses, and in a day or two we can teach you to get around more or less comfortably with everyone else.

We remain one of the few ranches that allows certain guests to ride without a guide.  If you are a new guest desiring to ride on your own, you must start off by going on guided rides during the first four days of your stay.  For reasons of safety, not everybody can, or should, qualify.  Please be willing to work with us patiently, carefully, and respectfully if this is your goal. Destinations for all self-guided rides are limited to an 8-mile radius from the ranch, allowing you to take day trips as far as Brewster Lake, Doubletop Peak, Darwin Peak, or the Cowboy Cabin.

Saturdays are the rest day for our horses and wranglers, so there is no riding, guided or unguided.

All riders are required to sign a combined Acknowledgement of Risk & Liability Waiver.   Solo riders are also required to sign an additional Addendum for Unguided Riding waiver.