Waders are optional, and wet wading can be quite comfortable for much of the season.

We recommend an 8 1/2 or 9 foot rod for a 5, 6, or 7 weight line.
A collapsible rod for riding to a fishing destination is convenient. 

We do not provide fishing gear, although we can put you in touch with rental shops in Jackson and Pinedale. 

FISHING LICENSES:  Fishing licenses are required for all fishing on public and private lands, and must be purchased prior to your arrival at the Darwin Ranch.

FISHING GUIDES:  We highly recommend Mike Kaul at Two Rivers Fishing Company in Pinedale.  He knows the Gros Ventre and Green River waters well, and is an excellent guide for first-timers or experienced fishermen.  He has plenty of rental gear if you need it.  Please book him through the shop: (307) 367-4131, or with the owner, Eric: (307) 272-9672.

RELIABLE FLIES:  The following flies have been productive in the Gros Ventre River and its tributaries:
Adams 14, 16
Red, Yellow or Green Humpy 12, 14, 16
Royal Coachman or Royal Wulff 12, 14, 16
Orange or Yellow Stonefly 8, 10
Green Hopper 14
Grey Wulff 12, 14
For Brewster, Lunch and Chateau Lakes:
Montana Nymph 8, 10
Bitch Creek 10, 12
Silver Spruce Matuka Streamer 8
Hare’s Ear Nymph 12, 14
Black Leech 4, 6
Muddler Type Fly 8, 10