Most of our meat and vegetables come from our sister ranch outside of Cody, Wyoming.  We have a breeding herd of Black and Red Angus, and are committed to sustainable, integrated agricultural practices.  We grass feed and finish the steers, slaughtering at about two years of age.  Our primary effort, though, is growing protein-rich grass.  We practice rotational grazing for the health of the pastures and the animals, and follow the cattle with our laying hens, who make quick work of scattering cow pies and eating fly larvae.  Each spring we buy piglets and lambs to fatten alongside the cattle, and fill our wood stove-heated hoop houses with vegetable starts, so that all is ready for the Darwin Ranch guest season.  We fill in with local, organic meat and produce from Teton & Sublette Counties whenever possible.  Our menus reflect this seasonal bounty, and the hand of experienced and imaginative cooks.