Oliver Klingenstein & Kathy Bole

Kathy manages the 'big picture' aspects of the ranch, and oversees the cabins, main lodge, and kitchen. As a trained chef, she has a passion for food, and high standards for the quality of food that leaves our kitchen. She loves farmers markets, great bourbon, and rollin' back the carpet for some dancing. While Kathy is concerned with the guest experience indoors, Oliver is concerned with everything outdoors. Oliver oversees the rotational grazing program, the horse program, and the daytime guest experience. Oliver loves donkeys, growing grass, and any IPA he can get his hands on. 


Paul Klingenstein

Paul, a recreational pilot, flies our weekly produce from the Ishawoooa Mesa Ranch to the Darwin Ranch, landing on the dirt runway a few miles from the ranch. He is usually found wet-wading in the many miles of the Gros Ventre river.


Lucy Klingenstein & Bear Dog

Dishwasher extraordinaire. Keeper of Bear.


Henry "Uncle Hank" Klingenstein

Advisor on all ranch matters, large and small. Avid collector of jorts.